"Report ofSuper-lightweightLarge Scale Power Generation System using a new thin film solar cellfor SSPS"

A SSPS has got attention as one of the solutions for energy and environmental problems of the human society. Solar Power satellite (SPS) will have very huge space structures with a size of several km and super-light weight giant power generation systems of several GW. So we have studied the lightweight power generation system that is based on the thin film technologies. In order to realize the weight reduction of the thin solar array for the SPS, new space technologies are important. CIGS thin film solar cell can be expected the highest conversion efficiency in various thin-film solar cells. Study of the power generation system in the case of using the CIGS solar cells for SPS is performed. We describe experimental results of the measurement of the characteristic change of the solar cell due to space environmental factors. And we examined the power generation system by using experimental results.