宇宙航空研究開発機構(JAXA)では,SSPS事業化及び開発のシナリオを議論するため,SSPS事業性検討委員会,SSPSシステム検討委員会という,2つの外部諮問委員会を開催してきた.このたび,両委員会での議論を通じて,SSPS中核技術を社会実装(踊り場成果)しながら,社会的なコンセンサスを積み重ね,研究開発を前へ進めるという考え方に基づく「SSPS研究開発シナリオ 初版」がとりまとめられたので,その内容を紹介する.

"R&D Scenarios of Space Solar Power Systems"

JAXA has run the two committee with the outside member, the SSPS Economic Feasibility Committee and SSPS Technical Committee, and managed the discussion about how to promote the SSPS R&D activities which needs long and uncertain investments. Two committee concluded that practical applications of SSPS technologies have to be pursuit and the consensus of investment into SSPS technologies have to be kept. The whole discussion was concluded in “R&D Scenarios of Space Solar Power Systems”, and the outline is described in this paper.